The following workshops will take place on April 13 at the Temple of Music and Art's Cabaret Theater. See the schedule here

The Figure and the Field with Rae Gouirand

This workshop will reframe the question of what it means to make sense within the poem. Using existing drafts, we'll do exercises to build more complex, extended ways of both holding on to and letting go of our subjects. Please bring with you an assortment of half-baked, open-ended, puzzling, or unfinished pieces that feel like they don't exactly know how to run yet, but contain the spark of something.

Three Language Machines with Gabriel Dozal

We will build language banks to generate dynamic language and jumping off point for poems. The three language machines we will work with are: Homophonic translations, Backward Paragraphs, and "Bad" Google Translations. These three exercises will build a bank of language that we can use for the seeds of a poem. The class will finish a 1st draft of a poem at the end of the workshop. The use of a laptop is encouraged.

Photo credit: Pat Cray

Poetry Lab: Come Play! with Victoria Chang

This will be a generative writing lab where we will read poems together and then write poems together. We will go from one set of poems and writing exercises to the next with some time at the end to share what we’ve written. Come to this workshop with a big imagination, an open mind, a laptop and/or a notebook, and be prepared to have fun as we experiment in new ways.

Tarotic Poetry Workshop with Wyatt Welch

In this workshop, we'll be exploring how to use the tarot to mentor our writing and reveal novel approaches to understanding ourselves and the coming world. Attendees will be asked to create a few of their own cards and to engage with a collective reading, if desired. Methods to access time-travel as a source of writing material will also be discussed.